Operation Ruby

Goodness me.

I have been looking over some old e-mails.

Message received 1 February 2017:

Operation Ruby is an inquiry into

Exaro/ Watts Conrad Hencke

Carl Beech/ Nick

Esther Baker

CPS currently about to charge Perverting

Gosh. It took CPS until July 2018 to get him to his first trial – and Beech promptly went on the run on 30 July 2018, failing to appear at Worcester Crown Court which was due to hear allegations of making and possessing indecent images of children and one of voyeurism against a male minor.

He also failed to appear in Westminster Magistrates’ Court the following week for the initial phase of his second trial on twelve charges of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud.

No doubt Mr Beech was too busy renovating his new B&B “60 Degrees North” on the Russo-Finnish border of Sweden. The frozen North!

Guess who is a fluent Swedish speaker and professional translator who travelled regularly to Gothenburg (where Beech was later arrested)?

None other than Alan Goodwin of Miele HQ in Gutersloh (and friend of Fairy P).

Now Beech did not speak any Swedish so Mr Badwin, a longstanding mate and source for Mark Watts, would have been invaluable, would he not?

What about these others? When will Operation Ruby start looking into those who helped Beech and why, I wonder?