The “extremely serious” sexual assault that wasn’t

Swansea Police now accept that what was dubbed an ‘extremely serious’ sexual assault didn’t happen. This incident has taken up public resources. However, the police have now said that the alleged incident has been fully investigated and that no assault took place.

What on earth is going on? Why the previous hype, which alarmed locals?

The alleged offence consisted of a man – who was all of 5′ 4″ – approaching a woman on a crossing and attempting to kiss her. So, not “extremely serious”, at least not by any normal yardstick.

I really don’t know where to start with this.

Surely police should be sending a message out to people who make allegations that they have to be truthful?

By contrast, it seems that the cops in Canada are taking a much more robust stance on false reports. A report from Ontario, Canada on January 7 this year details a decision to prosecute a woman who had made a false report of sexual assault to police before Christmas.

Kudos to Norfolk County police, who have bitten the bullet and decided to go after her, after concluding that her report was based on “false information”. The charge is one of “public mischief”: an apt name for the damage caused by a false police report.

And hats off to Constable Ed Sanchuk, who told the press:

“We want people to come forward with regards to their allegations. We want to make sure they have the confidence in the OPP and its ability to investigate crimes and bring those responsible to justice,” said Sanchuk. “But what it comes down to is when people come forward with allegations they have to be truthful.”

They have to be truthful

Quite. They absolutely have to be truthful.