Esther Baker – “led… to believe”

According to a determination by Alexis Jay, Chair of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA) on 16 January 2018:

Ms Baker alleges that she was sexually assaulted by persons of public prominence associated with Westminster and that there were institutional failings in connection with that alleged abuse by police and law enforcement services. ….Ms Baker has spoken publicly and in her own name about these matters, and I regard that as an important factor in considering the nature of her interest in this investigation.

So being an ex-Exaro accuser, and being on Twitter, is what gets you Core Participant Status (CPS) at the IICSA? Heavens above.

Free lawyers, paid for by the tax-payer, thanks to the manipulable Theresa May.

As I have pointed out in an earlier blog, Baker’s claims started to unravel almost as soon as they were aired. None of them has been substantiated, though she has been begging for fellow “victims” to come forward on Twitter for, oh, five years now.

Baker’s Twitter account shows her to be a street brawler: happy to dish out aggression, target opponents and vilify genuine survivors. Why she has such a problem with genuine survivors is a good question. You don’t think it could be because they doubted her from the outset, do you?

Happily for Baker, her Svengali and mentor Graham Wilmer MBE (whose Twitter feeds showed him to be an abusive bully himself, no stranger to dishing out threats online) has contacts with the polis, both in Merseyside and London.

So, for a while at least, Baker had “protection”. If anyone doubted her wild claims, or had the temerity to blog about her in a critical vein, Uncle Graham and she could demand lavish police attention.

Meanwhile, Staffordshire Police (who must surely earn an award as the slowest police force in England, slower even than “carrot-cruncher” Mike Veale’s Satan-hunting Wiltshire Police) allowed Baker to rack up a staggering 91.5 hours of their time, rambling on about – what exactly?

Even the notorious “Nick” of Operation Midland only managed to take up a comparatively modest 17 hours of Met police time.

Well, it must be like waking the dead to recover those memories of all those historic abuses, must it not?

Unfortunately, neither Baker nor Wilmer have succeeded in getting a single abuser, or online critic, convicted of anything to date. No TV opportunities to recount how I was a victim. No press interviews. No book opportunities. No chance to schmooze with MPs and harangue public bodies.

It’s tough trying to be a professional victim. Sadly, these days, it’s an over-crowded field. There are more victim-survivor groups and career victims jockeying for primacy in the Victim Olympics and angling for public funds than you can shake a stick at.

At her first outing at the IICSA on 31 January 2018, Baker’s lawyer Peter Garsden sought to threaten her critics with criminal action – encore une fois.

So it would be open to this inquiry to institute through the police an investigation into what has been done to Esther Baker which has brought her to take overdoses and suffer psychologically and psychiatrically.


Did Mr Garsden not glean from the absence of any convictions to date that Baker’s previous claims of “harassment”, “stalking”, etc. might not have been well-founded?

Bless him, the ACAL President is an optimist. He believes ’tis only a matter of time before there is widespread acceptance that child-sacrificing Satanic cults operate up and down this green and pleasant land!

Baker’s counsel Jonathan Price has been less combative. He told the IICSA on 4 March 2019:

Aged 13, she underwent the botched, unlicensed termination of a pregnancy, rendering her permanently unable to have children thereafter.


That’s an extremely serious allegation to make. But what on earth has it got to do with the IICSA? What is Price talking about? He knows that abortions in the UK are heavily regulated and that the Department of Health keeps records of every single one.

So where and by whom was this “unlicensed” abortion carried out in 1995? In what sense was it botched?

Price went on:


Certain features of Ms Baker’s abuse have led her and others to believe that it involved men whose status means that her abuse falls within the general remit of this strand of the inquiry. [bold emphasis added]

What is Price driving at?

Seriously, do “persons of public prominence associated with Westminster” have a special signature tune when it comes to abusing children?  Do they have cloven hooves? This sounds as though there is a list of indicators. But we all know where that discredited idea came from: the likes of Ray Wyre.

Just how credulous do Baker and her “others” (alters?) – RASA/ Wilmer’s Lantern Project/ Exaro/ sundry Tweeters/ gullible Labour MPs – think the public is?

Perhaps Mark Watts – Baker’s current IICSA minder – might care to explain. After all, Baker was Becky, staff writer at Watts’ fake news outlet Exaro, back in the day.

When is Watts going to take the stand, I wonder?