“My grandmother, who was mad”

This is a post about Bristol barrister Sarah Phillimore who is, judging by her relentless and obsessional pursuit of me and other people, somewhat unbalanced herself.

Phillimore operates a number of blogs and Twitter handles, but also finds the time in her busy schedule as a family law barrister to operate an Instagram account. Her 14 y.o. daughter, who has not adopted her mother’s surname, also has an Instagram account (which I only came across recently). She aspires to be a professional show-jumper.

The daughter is one of those slim and leggy teenagers who have a natural riding seat, and I am sure she will do very well. She is fortunate to attend a private school, which encourages pupils to compete in riding and other athletic sports. She is evidently enjoying success there. And that is excellent news for her, the school and her family.

Very sensibly, when Phillimore was threatening to use a gift of £10, 000 from her dad (who was suffering from cancer at the time) to sue me in 2016, her daughter seemingly prevailed on her mother to buy her a new pony instead, and pay its livery.

According to some of her tweets, Phillimore is a childhood amputee, and so has lost out on the athletic opportunities which her gifted daughter is now able to pursue. Now, I only learnt of Ms Phillimore’s own particular disability recently, as a result of what she published about herself.

This revelation has caused me to wonder if there may be more to Phillimore’s obsessional crusade against me (posts passim), than I had first appreciated.

She puts a lot of personal and medical information about her family and herself into the public domain. Indeed, she is remarkably cavalier with her own – and others’ – privacy.

Long ago, I christened her Mrs Jellyby after the Dickens character in “Bleak House”, because of her apparent preference for her own campaigning activities, over and above her relationship with her daughter. That may seem a tad unkind, but at the time I felt it justified.

Not least when, on one memorable occasion, she tweeted that she had left her (then) 11 y.o. child home alone, whilst she went off to speak at a fathers’ rights conference. Her tweet is here:

But let’s look again at what she wrote about her grandmother, after posting a photograph of a smiling and attractive young woman in WW2 Army uniform:

My grandmother, who was mad.

Some kind of personality disorder? Delighted in being unkind and alienating people. I don’t think any of her children mourned her passing.
I didn’t know her as we had no contact after I moved to Shropshire and from what I have heard from my dad, I dodged a bullet.

Judging by Phillimore’s obsesssional pursuit of me over four years, I beg to differ. Anyone who uses the phrase “relentlessly abhorrent”, as Phillimore did to describe herself in her own Twitter bio’, is evidently someone who delights “in being unkind and alienating people”.

To describe her as taking pleasure in being unkind to me is, I regret to say, a complete understatement. Phillimore has revelled in causing continuing havoc in my life, over a four-year period, in conjunction with foreign disinformation trolls, two of whom are based in Germany and Turkey respectively. This is perverse in the extreme. It has caused me considerable alarm and distress, and cost me five-figure sums in legal fees.

I cannot discount this as a “Twitter spat” when in reality, it is a malevolent and completely unbalanced crusade to prevent me earning my living in the profession I joined in 1985, because an obviously obsessed woman has decided that I should be ousted from it. Her vendetta against me, and the manner in which she has chosen to pursue it, are wholly unreasonable and disproportionate. Her conduct is also astonishingly unprofessional.

She has attacked others over this time, with evident enthusiasm. I emphasise this dimension of her behaviour, so as to make clear that I am not the only target whose life she is seeking to disrupt. She is a serial complainer. Indeed, I would describe her as toxic.

When I try to explain to close family friends and advisers what she has put me through, they are incredulous.

Phillimore did not dodge that bullet, in my opinion, judging by her exceptionally malicious and unpleasant conduct towards me and towards other complete strangers.

I take no pleasure in pointing this out. My experience of her is my argument.


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My grandmother, who was mad.

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