The Beast of Miele

This is a post about one of Bristol barrister Sarah Phillimore’s best mates on Twitter, Alan Goodwin, who works as a translator for the white goods company Miele, at its HQ in Gutersloh. Phillimore has been aggressively supporting him since May 2016.

Goodwin is (in the words of the distinguished Times columnist David Aaronovitch) “an utter fraud”, who promotes David Icke and is viciously anti-Semitic. In 2015, another distinguished Times columnist Daniel, Lord Finkelstein dubbed Goodwin a “crackpot”, an “antisemite” and called him “a very bad person but too far gone to appreciate it”.

Last year, Aaronovitch called Goodwin an “anti-Semitic creep” and “an inveterate Jew-baiter”. Others, such as another Times writer Hugo Rifkind, also produced examples of what Aaronovitch dubbed his “crass anti-Semitism”.

Goodwin read Modern Languages at Hull University (1977-81) and claims to have “defected” to Germany after Mrs Thatcher was elected (31/1/13, ). He also claims to have lived in Austria, Finland and Sweden. He is obsessed with what he calls “Thatcher’s paedo-Britain” and his animus against the Conservatives suggests someone from the hard Left. Since February 2013, he made liberal use of the hashtag “paedobritain”. Oh, and he hates gay men.

In 2015-16, his Twitter bio’ was “A proud Scallywag throwing/ A Janner in Brittan’s works”. This made reference to a 1990s scandal-rag, Scallywag, which folded after a series of libel actions by prominent Conservatives, including the then Prime Minister, John Major.

Goodwin’s Twitter bio’ also referenced two prominent British Jews, Lord Janner and Lord Brittan. Like the deceased editor of Scallywag Simon Regan (whose parents were diehard Communists), Goodwin is – or pretends to be – obsessed with the idea of a “gay mafia” in British politics.

His obsessional trolling of Lord Brittan and the Janner family is especially repugnant. Goodwin has also claimed that Jews feature disproportionately in alleged historic abuse scandals:

“@bankersdidit There most certainly is a very strong and unhealthy Jewish connection” (28/4/13),

“@charlesfrith In broader Fernbridge context, there is a disproportionate no. of ppl with Jewish connections” (19/5/13),

“Even if @dannythefink comes down on me like a tonne of bricks, I think the Jewish cabal aspect should be investigated” (22/4/15).

Other repellent tweets include:

“I live in Germany and my dad freed Bergen-Belsen, but there sure seems to be a lot of nepotist Jews here” (23/4/13),

“You must remember there are some big Jewish orgs likely to suffer badly if Janner goes down” (22/12/13),

“@ianmillard I wonder where the allegiances of the Jews on the Privy Council lie?” (3/8/14),

“Have Janner and his daughter ever considered they have brought the Jewish faith into great disrepute?” (17/5/15),

“Why do all parties have to pander to the Jewish vote?” (13/9/15).

Goodwin has worked for Miele since 1985. His employer has been aware of his anti-Semitic output for some time now. Evidently Miele is content to employ a man who spends all his time vilifying the United Kingdom, where Miele has a substantial market.

Reasonable readers will no doubt wonder why, and whether Miele condones his online activities. Goodwin continues in his efforts to smear prominent members of the Jewish community in the United Kingdom.

Goodwin is also devoted to rehashing hoary old claims of imaginary “VIP paedophile rings” in Britain in the 1980s or, as he likes to tweet, “Britain’s paedo-infested Thatcher government” (18/8/18). His chums include Graham Wilmer MBE, failed promoter of Esther Baker, and the discredited ex-Editor in Chief of Exaro, Mark Watts. Mais quelle surprise.

Goodwin is a photographer, whose Twitter feed @ciabaudo is a never-ending testament to his disturbingly obsessive interest in child abuse – or, to be specific, anal abuse of male minors. So much so, that he likes posting the gory details. Again and again and again. Such as a vicious account from Scallywag about anal tears in an alleged boy rape victim.

Oh, and he also claims to believe in Satanic Ritual abuse. Well of course he does; as does David Icke.

Goodwin, as Aaronovitch says, is a fraud. He is a disinformation merchant, and a crude provocateur. He is not remotely interested in helping genuine abuse victims, as his salacious tweets show, and he has no connection with any reputable charities genuinely concerned about child abuse. Indeed, Aaronovitch called one of Goodwin’s tweets about the late Lord Janner (“….detour took me past gates of Bergen-Belsen. Janner on my mind?” 24/7/15) “sick”.

His Twitter handle is obviously automated, as its enormous output (among the top 0.25% of the world’s tweeters) demonstrates. It exceeds that of a number of state broadcasters, for example.

He is a one-man smear campaign pumping out others’ material, no doubt calculating that his foreign location will be a deterrent to lawsuits and intervention by law enforcement agencies at the behest of his U.K. victims. He and his sources should not be complacent.

So why should a family law barrister cleave to such an obvious and repellent fraud, and seek to normalise his abnormal obsessions, by presenting an ever-increasingly querulant series of complaints on his behalf and at his behest to any authority figure she can find willing to listen (chiefly, the not very discerning Bar Standards Board of England and Wales, which should be hanging its head in shame for failing to bar Goodwin as a vexatious complainer)?

It’s difficult to understand why a family law barrister, who claims to despise the lunatic fringe herself, should have ardently aligned herself so publicly with the said lunatic fringe, even swapping her Twitter profile of “relentlessly abhorrent” for a quote in German.

I am afraid the conclusions that one can draw from this are not favourable to Ms Phillimore. Either she has a screw loose, or she is deliberately making mischief on his behalf because she is a nasty crank herself or (to use Finkelstein’s formulation), she is “a very bad person but too far gone to appreciate it”.  I take no pleasure in pointing this out.

Now, here are some examples of Goodwin’s viciously anti-Semitic output on Twitter, so that you can see I am not making it up, as well as his promotion of the notorious Holocaust denier and rabid conspiracy theorist, David Icke.

Up-dated 17 February 2017.