Bran Castle

Readers of the conspiracy-ridden Exaro were urged to regard critics, sceptics and perceived opponents as spooks, paedophiles or paedo-apologists. That was a thoroughly dishonest tactic, designed to intimidate and to foreclose debate. It’s reminscent of the use of the term “Nazi” by some social justice campaigners.

Exaro’s self-styled Editor in Chief, Mark Watts, even tweeted about “dark forces”:

As the distinguished Times columnist David Aaronovitch has pointed out recently, it took guts to stand up to the witch-hunt that Exaro and its deluded supporters helped to instigate.

In an article entitled “Child abuse fantasists are not going away” on 31 January 2019, he warned that, despite discredited claims of satanic rituals and VIP paedophile rings, there’s still a tendency to believe any accusers. As he said:

But how did it come about that, for the half decade following the Savile revelations, it was possible for almost any person to make an anonymous or even identifiable complaint of historic child abuse against a public figure, and be treated with automatic credulity? …

In the same period it seemed any publicity hound or conspiracy theorist could invent or recycle any old story concerning alleged “VIP abuse” and get it printed or aired. ….

This hare ran for several years. It took real effort and guts on the part of some journalists and some of those falsely accused to put an end to what had become a witch-hunt. Guts, because to question the accounts of the various accusers out there was to be accused of being a defender of child abuse.

I have had this type of smearing in spades. And I am heartily sick of it. Foreign disinformation trolls like the German Miele employee, Alan Goodwin, and the Turkish Clare Sheahan like dishing out the “paedo-apologist” slur. The deeply unpleasant conspiracy theorist Sonia Poulton also likes to slur opponents, in a similar vein.

Goodwin also likes tweeting obscene montages of me, by the way. He has done this repeatedly. A great advertisement for Miele, given that I am a Miele customer.

I have to point out that, by comparison, my occasional remarks about Exaro’s absurd and fanciful claims were mild in the extreme. And usually of a literary bent.

Here is an example of a tweet by Simon Danczuk MP on which I commented:

My riposte read as follows:

Everyday I go for a run past Bran Castle, & everyday I think about the dead virgins in there #DeadVirgins @UKLabour 

It’s interesting that Watts and his troll army evidently felt so threatened by this and other harmless utterances of mine, that they have gone to extreme lengths to try and silence me. This has included orchestrated regulatory attacks using idiotic proxies like Sheahan, “Nick”-believer Keen and Goodwin’s slavish mouthpiece, Sarah Phillimore.

My response is very simple. Everything that I have said is true, justified and represents my honest opinion.

If you are a fake campaigner or a fake news merchant, and you can’t stand literary references or scepticism, then I am afraid that you deserve to be a laughing-stock.