A family law barrister and a convict

Sarah Phillimore is a family law barrister at St John’s Chambers in Bristol. She operates a campaigning website called Child Protection Resource.

She claims to be an expert on child protection. She also makes much of the fact that she is a mother herself. Both she and her child are active on social media.

So it comes as a surprise – indeed a shock – that this paragon of legal virtue has, for some three years now, been supporting certain online campaigners who backed a paedophile, and who demanded that action be taken against anyone who did not accept this man, whom they treated as a figurehead.

That man pleaded guilty to extremely serious child sex offences this week. Sentencing has been deferred.

His admiration society to date had included Phillimore’s bestest mates on Twitter:  a German anti-Semite, a nurse in Salisbury, a blogger in Richmond, a woman retired to Turkey……the list goes on. Oh, how they cheered when Phillimore signed up to their gang in 2016. 

For reasons best known to herself, Phillimore viciously attacked anyone who did not support this man’s little clique. She has even reported a number of critics to the police. 

Her dogged  – and now hugely embarrassing – support for this horribly mistaken coterie and its fallen leader raises serious questions about her own integrity and, in particular, whether she abused her position as a barrister to harass those who voiced concerns about him.

One hopes that Phillimore is now taking some time out from her busy family law practice to reflect on how she came to be enlisted in the army of a paedophile and his misguided promoters.

This is all the more imperative, when you consider that she is (as she often likes to broadcast) the mother of a young child. Surely it is time for Phillimore to put her child first, given that her campaigning activities thus far have gone dreadfully off the rails?