The Devil’s Cleaners – Part 3

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I was going to write about an extraordinary document posted in a forum on the Richie Allen website, which I came across in October this year.  I am going to introduce it now, because Numero Quattro of the “four dangerous women” I speak of in this series features in it. She is a woman named Louise Clare Davis, who lives in Richmond. I will explain the relevance of her location later on in this post.

Until January 2018, Richie Allen’s radio station had been streamed on the notorious conspiracy theorist David Icke’s website. Icke is Britain’s leading anti-Semite and Holocaust denier. Allen then decided to host the show on his own site, citing “brand confusion”.

However, he remains a diehard Icke fan:

I promote (because I absolutely believe in it), David Icke’s work, his books and his tours. Again, not because of any quid pro quo responsibility I feel bound by, but because the man is a genius…..

“I’ve got a little list…..”

The document posted has the dramatic heading: “UK GOVERNMENT WATCH LIST: Document identifies 300 dangerous VIPs on government list, dubbed ‘Britain’s No-Fly List’”. You can find a link to it at the end of this article. If you want a Bird Watcher’s Guide to the lunatic fringe of conspiracy theorists in contemporary Great Britain, this is it. (Note: I don’t have time in this post to discuss the dangerous VIPs, of whom I am alleged to be one).

Before I go any further, let me explain to the sub-literate denizens of social media, who include the bikini troll and fake campaigner Clare Sheahan of Turkey (and Twitter chum of Phillimore), now sadly locked out of her Twitter account for spamming, what “lunatic fringe” means. The phrase was popularised by President Theodore Roosevelt; not that the lunatic fringe has ever heard of him, I suppose. Roosevelt wrote in his Autobiography in 1913:

Then, among the wise and high-minded people who in self-respecting and genuine fashion strive earnestly for peace, there are the foolish fanatics always to be found in such a movement and always discrediting it—the men who form the lunatic fringe in all reform movements.

As I have already said, there is a lunatic fringe to every reform movement.

It may come as a surprise to you, but I actually had to explain this to the bears of very little brain in the Bar Standards Board (BSB), after spambot Clare ran whining to it about my use of the phrase in September 2016 and again in August 2017.

It’s extraordinary that a foreign Cambridge alumna should have to give a public body in contemporary Britain lessons in remedial English these days.

Welcome to modern Bedlam

Back to the List, which starts by listing its authoritative sources i.e. “journalists, investigators and campaigners working in both the mainstream and alternative media” in alphabetical order. Every whack job that ever obsessed about VIP paedophilia is there; along with – inexplicably – the academic and genuine anti-abuse campaigner Dr Liz Davies, who surely does not deserve to be cast into such outer darkness.

I will give you a few names listed to conjure with, so you can see what I mean. I should stress that mainstream media is conspicuous by its absence.

– “on the run for her life” in South America, convicted forger Andrea Davison.

– Cathy Fox [a man, I gather, whose blog site obsesses about such topics as VIP paedophilia, MK-Ultra, Luciferian cults….you get the idea].

– Charles Frith [a notorious anti-Semite, who claims I am part of a witches’ coven of 13].

– convicted fraudster Chris Fay, ex-NAYPIC and author of the notorious Elm guest house list.

– Chris Spivey! Who was obsessed with Satanic Ritual Abuse, and more recently was convicted of harassment of the family of murdered Lee Rigby.

– Dame Alun Roberts aka Alan Goodwin of Miele HQ in Germany, a vicious anti-Semite and Icke-follower who claims to believe in Satanic Ritual Abuse.

– The Coleman Experience: never can I forget finding myself on this blog, along with a long list of prominent Jewish people.

– David Icke, who inter alia has promoted claims of Satanic ritual abuse.

– David Hencke, Exaro News, Mark Conrad, Mark Watts!!

– motormouth Don Hale.

– Esther Baker (former Exaro poster girl who also posed as Becky, “staff writer at Exaro”)!!! She, along with Goodwin, used to tweet Frith.

– Giovanni de Stefano [a fake lawyer and convicted fraudster].

– Hollie Greig Justice [another fraudulent campaign run by Robert Green, who has a conviction for harassment, and who lobbied “carrot-cruncher” Mike Veale CC of Wiltshire Police to investigate claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse against the late Sir Edward Heath made by the deceased Dr Coleman].

– Dr Joan Coleman – the RAINS List [a long-since debunked player in the 1990s Satanic Panic].

– Mary Moss aka Jo Gavin aka Jo Flores aka Mary Josofar Valdivieso Fortuno Flores, ex-NAYPIC, who distributed Fay’s list.

– Michael Shrimpton, convicted ex-barrister, bomb hoaxer and child porn possessor.

– Peter McKelvie, spokesman for the notorious “Nick” of Operation Midland.

– crazy Bill Maloney of Pie and Mash Films. Who could forget Bill being ejected from the House of Commons “White Flowers” campaign meeting on January 14th, 2015, after shouting “There are murderers walking these corridors”?

– Richard Kerr – protégé of Brian (“the Rapture”) Gemmell. Claimed to have been trafficked to Dolphin Square but, as the Northern Irish Abuse Inquiry found, he was in jail at the time.

– the recently convicted and notorious Sabine McNeill, a Satanic Ritual abuse campaigner.

– Sam Hill. A quick peek at her Twitter bio’ confirms that Sam is mad as the sea and wind.

– Scallywag archive: see blogs passim. Davison had links with Scallywag, which was promoted by Goodwin.

– [Louise Clare Davis], who reports Satanic ritual abuse as fact.

Goodness me. The three I have highlighted in bold are devoted Twitter mates of Bristol family law barrister of St John’s Chambers, Sarah Phillimore, who never stops pestering the BSB – and me – with their endless gripes about me. How any self-respecting barrister chose to immerse herself in this rats’ nest is anyone’s guess. Her predilection for agit-prop merchants professing belief in Satanic ritual abuse is extraordinary.

Who is Louise Clare Davis?

Now let’s go back to Davis. Readers may be interested to hear that Louise Davis has been agitating the Metropolitan Police in Richmond to seek to silence and to intimidate critics for some time now. This is interesting for a number of reasons, as I shall go on to explain.

First, there appears to be no dispute that Davis lives in Richmond. She claims ownership of a Twitter handle @ craftymuvva and the blog Sceptic Peg noted earlier. The Government’s National Archives, which she appears to have used as research for her blog, is in Kew.

Davis may even have been a former employee. Why is she busily seeking to suppress any public consideration of her burrowings there? Research in a public archive is not entitled to anonymity.

More importantly, researchers who are really agit-prop merchants seeking to promote political controversy are not entitled to anonymity. If Louise Clare Davis really thinks that she is entitled to anonymity, as a political agitator seeking to ventilate accusations of political paedophilia (see my quotes of her tweets below), then she must be the stupidest woman on God’s earth.

I now turn to both her public profiles, which anyone anywhere in the world can look at and read. I must emphasise to those reading this blog that, as I type, Davis is frantically seeking to use the police to shut down any public comment on, or debate about her online activity.

No doubt the public will want to know why a hardcore conspiracy theorist with an interest in Satanic ritual abuse is seeking to manipulate British police officers, who (on the face of it) should know better, and why they are indulging her. From documents shown to me recently, it seems that the plods have not even bothered to take a statement from her. That’s pretty odd.

  • craftymuvva

Davis’ Twitter profile is a crude version of a bikini troll. Possibly, she is a prototype. A “bikini troll” targets vulnerable social groups. Typically, it projects a wholesome female image. Davis’ profile pic is a cartoon character of a ditsy blonde. Her handle craftymuvva is quite bullish – she is claiming to be both “cunning” and “wily”, but also a mother.

Her Twitter name (which she changes periodically) is at present:

 😈 👑HRH Rev Crafty Muvva 👑 😇



‘Useful idiot’, ‘posh & educated type’, ‘common’, ‘lunatic’, ‘MILF’, ‘horrendous idiot’, ‘smart arse’.V.blonde. Researcher. Proudly blocked by Scum hacks.

The bio’ and liberal use of emoticons suggest a brash persona, indifferent to any sort of criticism. Calling herself “Her Royal Highness” and “Reverend” as well as using signs of a crown, a devil and a person wearing a halo suggest that she is trying both to claim secular and religious authority, but also to be both bad and good.

Now this is pertinent, as someone who goes to such lengths to craft such a Twitter persona, cannot then turn around and pretend to be a fragile snowflake. Yet this is precisely what the dishonest person operating this account is purporting to do, as I shall show.

Davis’ Twitter backdrop replicates a nasty attack on Keith Vaz MP by Simon Hoggart in The Guardian in 2001:

a minister so pompous that if you squeezed him, pomposity would shoot out like pus from a zit.

To anyone familiar with this parasitic sub-culture of VIP paedophile obsessives that Davis inhabits, Vaz (an Asian Labour MP) is loathed because in the past he stood up for Lord Janner, a Jewish peer from the same constituency wrongly accused of child sex offences.

When I say “wrongly”, note that nine claimants suing the Janner estate after his death dropped their claims.  Why? Because their “no win, no fee” solicitors knew that even on a balance of probabilities test in a civil court, these claims could not succeed, and so they flunked out.

Vaz was involved in a rent boy scandal, which sends these conspiraloonies’ wankometers into overdrive: as well as hating Jews and other ethnic minorities, they loathe gay men with a visceral hatred.

Davis’ 24/7 Twitter feed is a bizarre mix of self-righteous pseudo-political comment (she clearly hails from the hard-Left and is rabidly anti-Conservative); obsessional ranting about “nonces” and paedophilia; claims that she is getting or has been pissed, and endless moronic “gifs” of people dancing, kittens, and so on.

Sample Davis tweets read:

Replying to @kimamaloney [sister of Bill Maloney]

Eddie ‘Hampstead’ Heath was a nonce. The whips knew he was a nonce, the police who turned a blind eye knew he was a nonce and the youngsters he picked up knew he was a nonce. (18/9/18)

The Tories will never allow it. They are still protecting Brittan, Thatcher, and all their nonce colleagues. They demonised miners whilst abusing minors… (16/2/18)

Thing is, the gang of journo shills that the noncebrigade use have exposed their bias to such an embarrassing extent, they’ve discredited themselves. They’re a laughing stock. We just shout louder. The message is being heard. X (24/12/17)

Nonce Prime Minister picking up young boys in Hampstead. I hope there’s some worried people about now. Your dirty secrets aren’t safe. (23/9/17)

Leon Brittan WAS a nonce, Thatcher knew & helped cover it up to save her own face because he knew too much. #namaste (6/9/17)

I’m back on the nutterbus because I give @reeves3915 my unwavering support & believe Edward Heath was a nonce. (24/8/17)

Survivors of CSA have been silenced for decades. Leon Brittan, Peter Morrison, Edward Heath etc…#VIPaedophiles are still being protected. (21/8/17)

Don’t forget #LeonBrittan too, the filthy nonce. (4/7/17)

How the Janner family can call people ‘liars’ is beyond me. #Janner was a nonce who evaded justice time and again. (19/5/17)

Leon Brittan raped and abused young boys in Barnes. Don’t be fooled by the MSM. The Tories have spent decades covering it up. #GE2017#nonce (15/5/17)

Heath WAS a nonce – even Wiltshire police think so. Picking up young boys in London… known as Uncle Ted/Eddie. #NoncePM#HampsteadHeath (9/5/17)

Edward Heath raped kids. He picked on ones from care homes because they couldn’t cry for help & no one cared if they fell overboard. #Nonce (3/12/16)

Leon Brittan buggered kids. He picked on the ones within detention centres because they couldn’t cry for help. #Nonce#HomeSecretary (3/12/16)

Greville#Janner visited little boys from care homes in Leicester, before taking them to posh hotels in London where he abused them. #Nonce (1/12/16)

Davis is a supporter of the notorious “fake news” outlet Exaro, whose crusade against imaginary political “paedophile rings” generated the Met’s botched Operation Midland: her use of its notorious hashtag “VIPaedophiles” confirms that. Her Twitter profile links her twitter feed to the blog Sceptic Peg.

  • Sceptic Peg

This is typical of the conspiracy websites listed by the List I mentioned at the start of this post. Unlike the website of the genuine academic (and former social worker) Liz Davies, who works at London Metropolitan University, Davis gives no details at all about herself, her qualifications or her research interest on this blog. Even more importantly, she does not say who is paying her.

Any bona fide researcher would feel obliged to state if they received sponsorship or funding for their research, and to identify her backers. Davis’ hugger-mugger – and her willingness to run off to the police when identified – is a big red flag. She is plainly not a bona fide academic researcher.

That raises obvious questions as to whom she is working for, and why. Call me cynical, but I doubt she’s been doing all that research for free, and from the kindness of her heart. For what it is worth, my own guess is that she was acting for Exaro, or else for someone with links to those unscrupulous dezinformatsiya merchants.

The blog claims to be “freethinking through the stories”. It contains a huge amount of material – mainly old press cuttings – which someone has evidently spent a lot of time digging out and ordering. The blogs are almost without exception fixated on missing children, paedophilia, etc.

The menu on the right hand is a wet dream for VIP paedophile-hunters: everything from missing children to Satanism to all the recent police operations looking into alleged non-recent child sex abuse by VIPs (Operations Conifer, Fernbridge, Hydrant, Midland etc., etc.).

To me, this looks like a cache of documents that someone – or some people – sought to put into the public domain to influence others, but without explaining clearly their agenda. Why someone should be salivating over tales of missing children is an open question. Perhaps Davis aka Crafty and her VIP nonce-hunting mates might care to explain?

Met Police

It seems unlikely to be coincidence that Davis has been agitating the same part of the Met that was wreaking havoc in the lives of Mr Laverty and Mr Just. It seems that an A D/S Vicky Allen there was best mates with Sonia Poulton, the lead accuser in R v Laverty, which collapsed in May 2017 (as I will explain in a later post).

Allen’s sidekick is one PC Alex Furlong. Poulton had struck up an inappropriately chummy relationship with Allen, endlessly e-mailing her with “intel” from alleged “friends”. Guess what: Davis started making accusations of online harassment to the same PC. Well, I never!

It seems that Davis is making the same complaint to the cops as Esther Baker, namely: “I have a problem with you talking about me”.

Someone needs to explain to the police that it is precisely because Davis is a political campaigner, albeit a very nasty and obsessed supporter of deluded conspiracy theories about alleged political paedophiles, that any journalist and indeed any member of the public is entitled to criticise her, and her nasty output, in very stringent terms indeed.

Such criticism and adverse comment is entitled to the highest level of protection under Article 10.1 of the European Convention of Human Rights, which is part of UK law (Human Rights Act 1998).  See e.g.


(Application no. 10692/09)



28 August 2018

¶ 62 ….there is little scope under Article 10 § 2 of the Convention for restrictions on political speech or on debate on questions of public interest. It is the Court’s consistent approach to require very strong reasons for justifying restrictions on such debate, for broad restrictions imposed in individual cases would undoubtedly affect respect for the freedom of expression in general in the State concerned

Moreover, Davis is not entitled to anonymity. Someone should tell her that, having made her bed, she must now lie on it. Since she chooses to promote fake news about British politicians under a series of aliases, the public has an overwhelming right to be informed precisely who she is and precisely whose agenda she is promoting.

Now, who should break this difficult message to Louise? I nominate Herr Flick, aka Mark Watts, ex-Editor in Chief of the now ex-Exaro.

Take my Season’s Greetings to Fat Loo, won’t you, Mr Watts! And don’t eat too many mince pies.


I will continue the story I was unfolding in my earlier posts, as well as telling you more about those “300 dangerous VIPs” (of whom I am one), as soon as I am able.

Updated 20th, 24th, 25th December