Miserable Mark Watts

Mark Watts is like a rat caught in a trap. Make no mistake about it, Watts is a spiteful, unprincipled and devious little shit who, along with Exaro funder Jerome Booth, Exaro director Tim Pendry, fellow hack Mark Conrad and the Deputy Leader of the British Labour Party, Tom Watson MP, set out to perpetrate a massive hoax on the British public – an audacious exercise in dezinformatsiya – via a “fake news” agency calling itself Exaro.

Exaro published unhinged claims about imaginary rape and murder by UK Parliamentarians, which it syndicated in furrin parts like Oz and Germany.  Useful idiots like John Mann MP made inflammatory, unfounded claims to German TV in 2015:

One could feel it. People were threatened. We have informed police about a murder that happened in direct connection to it. There was a second murder four years later, directly related, We had physical evidence, video evidence, This was a big thing, this was heavy organised crime

I see people walking over there, in Parliament, that should be in prison. And there are people out there who know that. And victims. And parents who don’t know why their child killed themselves or disappeared.

Hedge fund manager and Labour supporter Booth pumped the money in – an astonishing £2.3 million – hoping to get a peerage, as Watts (his former “Editor in Chief”) stupidly let slip.

Eeeh ba ‘gum! You don’t suppose Mr Booth could possibly tell us the source of those monies, do you? Hope so, in the interests of transparency an’ all.

Both Booth and Pendry are outspoken fans of Putin. Well, there’s a surprise. 

Indeed, after the murderous attack on the Skripals, Pendry penned one of his incomprehensible blogs, defending Russia.

There are two possibilities. Either these fanboys are in the pay of Russia (which has been engaged in cyberwarfare with the West since 2014) directly or indirectly, or – which is the more likely hypothesis, imo – these idiots thought that their pro-Russia signalling might, just possibly, win them friends and favours.

Given what a rubbish job Exaro did, I’m really not holding my breath.

Watts was formerly an anchor of the notorious Press TV – an arm of the Iranian State Broadcaster (and since banned by Ofcom). He slipped onto a talk-show on the Kremlin’s TV channel RT – hosted by George Galloway – to promote Exaro’s imaginary claims about child murders, et al. in August 2015, ironically only days before Harvey Proctor’s press conference holed Operation Midland below the waterline.

Sadly, his breathless claim that “there is going to be a lot more, even more shocking than we have exposed already” proved to be yet another blast of hot air.

Exaro collapsed ignominiously in 2016 after every single one of its accusers’ stories – Andrew/Richard/ Jane/ Darren /Esther/ Nick – had turned out to be a complete crock of shit. I could have told you that on day one. In fact, I and many others did – and got massively trolled for it by Exaro’s zombie crews of sock-puppets and paedo-porn obsessives.

It must have been so sad for Mr Booth not to get his peerage, and for the likes of Watts /Hencke/ Conrad to find themselves out on London’s rainy streets, three lonely hacks in search of another publisher with more money than sense. 

But Exaro/ Watts creepily claimed that anyone who dared to question Exaro’s mad narrative was either a paedophile,  a paedo-apologist or a spook. Eh? Speak for yourselves, victim-jockeys…..