Sarah Phillimore and the Bar Standards Board (2)

As I have previously indicated, I write on this topic with the utmost reluctance, and simply to set the record straight. 

In the summer of 2016, I learnt from her Twitter posts that Sarah Phillimore, a family law barrister in St John’s Chambers, Bristol, was openly calling on the most poisonous types of conspiracy theorists (and supporters of the notorious “Nick” of Operation Midland, who was promoted by the equally notorious fake news outlet Exaro) to report me to my regulator.

I was dismayed and disgusted. How would you feel?

The conspiracy theory milieu with which she chose to ally herself, in support of her dippy crusade against me, prides itself on viciously attacking genuine survivors of non-recent child sex abuse, whilst noisily promoting fake campaigns and urban myths. I shall say more about this rogues’ gallery, in due course.

Suffice it to say that, when I confided in a genuine survivor about Phillimore’s bizarre alliance with these nasty people, he commented:

“Christ. The nutterbus just got another passenger.”

Phillimore later bemoaned the fact that, after Ms Lall of the Bar Standards Board had urged her to find “persons of standing” (i.e. not obvious whackjobs) to support her interminable complaints about me, no such persons of standing would come forward. Mais quelle surprise.

Enough! I am off to go horse-riding. It gives one a whole new set of anxieties.

Update on 3rd December: a judge today removed reporting restrictions concerning “Nick’s” true identity. He is Carl Stephen Beech. His supporters knew he was Carl Beech all along, of course.

Update on 4 December: Beech’s supporters, for the record, included Peter McKelvie, Mark Watts and Mark Conrad of Exaro, Louise Clare Davis, Alan Goodwin of Miele in Germany, Sue (Susan Grace) Crocombe*, Clare Sheahan*, Chris Stacey*, Esther Ruth Baker, James Noel Haydon, Mike Peirce MBE** and Sarah Victoria Phillimore, who has shown herself to be an aggressive and dedicated enforcer on behalf of Davis/ Goodwin/ Crocombe/ Sheahan/ Baker/ Haydon and the rest of the nutterbus, both on social media and off it. No one, but no one, was permitted to challenge their/ Exaro’s narrative (and especially not me).

* features in Beech’s Wall of Silence exhibition, which launched in Bristol in January 2016.

** CEO of the Southmead Project in Bristol, which co-produced the Wall of Silence with Beech.


Updated 24th December