Sarah Phillimore and the Bar Standards Board (1)

I really don’t like talking about this, but I must, in order to put the record straight. I will have to post a series of comments, as the back story is so complicated.

To begin: since May 2016, a family law barrister in St John’s Chambers, Bristol named Sarah Phillimore, has been obsessively hounding me at the behest of a nasty conspiracy theory milieu, which claims that the United Kingdom Parliament is infested with paedophiles and child-murderers, and rehashes urban myths about imaginary VIP “paedophile rings”. Some of them even profess to believe in Satanic Ritual Abuse.

This woman, whom I have never met, became completely obsessed with me after I blocked her on Twitter.  She first sought to bully me publicly after I had instructed a German law firm to write to a notorious Twitter troll in Rietberg, a nasty anti-Semite named Alan Goodwin, who had been posting deeply malicious, hurtful and defamatory statements about me and my family. Goodwin has worked for decades at Miele’s HQ in Gutersloh, as a translator. 

Goodwin’s massive output is that of a professional troll factory, obsessed with alleged VIP “paedophile rings” in the UK, which raises obvious questions as to who was funding his output and why.

Yet Phillimore, whose Twitter bio’ at the time described herself as “relentlessly abhorrent”, latched onto Goodwin. She berated me for, as she put it, trying to extort money from Goodwin.

I was shocked. My German lawyer thought she was being completely unreasonable. That, I regret to say, is an understatement.

She changed her Twitter bio’ to German, as a sign of allegiance to this vicious anti-Semitic troll, who had by then been denounced by Daniel Finkelstein, Clare Gerada, and David Aaronovitch.

She started posting vicious blogs attacking me. I sought advice from a QC. He told me that she was a “professional troll”, and suggested I post my side of the story on a blog. I did not have a blog at the time. 

When I called her out for associating with a notorious anti-Semite, she reported me to the Bar Standards Board (BSB). How twisted is that?

She has since made so many complaints about me to the BSB, in conjunction with her loopy conspiracy theory coterie, that I have literally lost count.

This is obviously vexatious.

Incidentally, it is a sad reflection on the toxic culture of family law practice in England that Phillimore makes her malevolence a USP. She has tweeted “I have a very controlling personality” (15 October 2017), and “not many women are as aggressive and frankly unpleasant as I am” (13 November 2017). 

Thank God I am not a family lawyer!