Welcome to my new blog

With considerable hesitation, I have decided to venture into the world of blogging. Hitherto, I have only ever written articles for external publication. I don’t know if I will take to blogging, or what I will mostly write about.

The immediate impetus for starting this blog is to tackle a continual stream of “fake news” and ugly reputational attacks on me by a handful of obsessive conspiracy-theorists, some of whom also targeted members of my family, both living and dead.

In February this year, a leading Times journalist drew attention to this campaign against me, expressing his shock and anger at two men in particular.

They have been aided and abetted by a family law barrister who, regrettably, has shown herself to be no better than those malicious actors.

It’s not a task to be relished, but I am entitled to defend myself against unjust attack, be it online or elsewhere. So, from time to time without (I hope) being monotonous, I will discuss what has happened to me and give my perspective on this vicious smear campaign.

At Mass today, a line in the Gospel reading (John 18.33-37) struck a chord: “to bear witness to the truth.” This will be my truth.

Don’t worry: I expect I will find plenty of other things to write about, once I find my voice!